Northland Honeybee Veterinary Services is a practice devoted to providing exceptional veterinary care to apiaries of all types and interest levels from small hobby beekeepers to large commercial operations. With increased threats from habitat loss, pesticide use and disease and infestation pressure, it’s important to have apiaries evaluated and managed for optimal outcome. That’s where Northland Honeybee comes in and can assist you with all of your hive management and treatment options. Thanks for checking out the website and be sure to call for summer appointments about varroa mite evaluation, foul brood treatment and keeping your bees healthy.

If you are interested in current updates and information you can follow the blog written by Dr. Eva Reinicke under the News tab.

Please check out our new page on Northland Apiary! We overwinter about 25 hives in the Northfield area. We have honey for sale, as well as a limited number of nucleus colonies  for sale in spring 2021. Give us a shout if you’re interested! 

Freeze Killed Brood Test for hygienic queen genetics