It’s summer in Minnesota!! Funny that the last post commented on how cold it was in April, and now over Memorial Day, we’ve set some new record temperatures in the high 90’s to 100’s. But the exciting news that I’ve been wanting to share is the bees finally arrived!  They were installed in their new hive on Sunday morning. They looked great, with several good frames of brood, new eggs being laid and food frames with plenty of nectar and pollen to eat. They really wanted a new home as they’d made bur comb all over the top of the frames and inside the nuc box.  I briefly saw the queen as she came around the edge of a brood frame and I was really relived I’d seen her so I knew she wouldn’t get stuck when placing the frames in the hive. The bees are quite gentle and despite having their old home cut apart, they didn’t try to sting. I had to cut away all that extra comb to get the hive cover over the top. I’m sure they’ll be busy in there drawing out comb! I’ve been checking on the entrance several days in a row and they seem to be adjusting well. There are lots of bees coming with full pollen loads and quite a few at the entrance.

Even though I don’t own land and don’t have the means for a farm, this little hive of bees feels a little like livestock ownership. A small step in an important direction.

Here’s to the beginning of summer and many warm and sunny days to enjoy beekeeping!!

Dr. Eva Reinicke